Out like a what again?

What Denver giveth Denver taketh away. We’ve had a few weeks of excellent spring weather, and last evening the wind picked up and the snow started falling. It is now a mess outside. We were hearing emergency sirens all day long, but the snow has finally stopped falling (for now) and most of the first volley melted, so there isn’t as much on the ground as there might be. If we’re lucky it will warm up right after and everything will be melted by Tuesday.

My roommate and I ended up having to drive through the worst of it, because we were at IKEA when it started, enjoying a traditional Swedish Easter smörgåsbord. We were joking with each other because there were very few people other than families with small children and retirees that seemed to think coming to IKEA for an Easter buffet was the thing to do, but there were piles upon piles of smoked salmon involved, so it was worth it, even if the drive home was a snowy mess.

It was technically spring break last week, but because I had no classes it felt like any other week. The last two classes I need to take for my degree start on Monday, and then at the end of May my schooling will be over! I have no idea what will happen after that, but one thing at a time.

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