Out of the Frying Pan

The weather right now is awful. Shortly after my last post Colorado decided that it was done with the blizzards and it was time to turn on the heat. Things have been slugish and miserable ever since, and my laptop has finally given up the ghost, so I’m now working on putting together a new machine. The tower and powersource have already arrived, but the graphics card that I’m looking at has been out of stock, so I may end up downgrading or finding something else. I don’t expect to do anything all that impressive with it. My main concern is getting an operating machine that will let me finish that damn Omeka site.

Another recent loss has been in the shoe department. I’m not a shoe person. I own something like five pairs, counting my flipflops, so when one pair goes it’s a loss. A few weeks ago I was watching the Star Trek movie with my friend, and when I was walking back to the car I noticed something was weird with my old canvas shoes. I had bought these things in Japan, back in 2006, and they were probably the rattiest things I owned at the time, but I loved them, and they reminded me of a great time in my life. When I got back to the car and tried to figure out what was up, the entire inside lining had disconnected from the sole and fell right out. Now, I had worn these shoes down so much that there wasn’t much of a sole to begin with. When I walked in them a good portion of my heel was hitting pavement and dirt, but they had still been comfortable. With the lining gone, so goes the comfort, so I had to admit defeat and declare those shoes dead.


RIP shoes.

My bike has been another point of frustration for a while now. The front tire kept on going flat, even after I patched the tube, and then replaced it completely. For a while I let it sit around, useless, but now that the snow is all gone and I’m getting sick of walking 30 minutes to and from work in the heat, I’ve renewed my attempts at getting it in working order. The bike was a hand me down, and while it’s been useful it’s started to be more of a pain than it’s worth. A single tire is something like 50 dollars! On top of that, the gears are jammed, so it’s essentially a fixie mountain bike. I struggled and cursed with the wheels and brakes all day to day, and everything appears to be in working order, but I’ll know tomorrow when I check whether or not the air is staying this time. I haven’t been able to get the back wheel off either, and that one appears to have a very slow leak too. The only thing worse than walking to work is having to drag a bike with flats along with you.

The job hunt has been slow going. I graduated in late May, and found myself in a real slump immediately after. I’m enjoying the job I have quite a bit, and have been learning more and more as I’m given more and more responsibility, but it’s a part time job that will likely disappear in the fall. This coming August is the Book and Paper Fair, followed by CABS. My volunteer work last year has earned me a paid position at the fair this year (woo!) and I will be driving down for the CABS keynote speech, since that is open seating. I’d love to spend another week at CABS, since last year was so fun and educational, and this year their specialty dealer works in Asian materials! But unless they let me sneak in for a few hours, I think the keynote will be all I’m getting.


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