The Difference a Year Makes

It has been almost 11 months to the day since my last update, which I believe is officially the longest I have gone without a blog post since I started blogging some time around the year 2000. In one way the silence is good. I’m busier than I’ve ever been, and almost everything that I’ve been doing has been a positive experience. On the other hand, I do miss keeping track of life via blog.

A very quick update:

In October of last year I moved from Denver to the Twin Cities to work for Rob Rulon-Miller, a rare book dealer. I’ve been with him ever since, and have been enjoying the job immensely.

Now that I’ve graduated it’s clearer to me how miserable I was while in school. Getting my MLIS was a soul sucking experience for me, but the details of that can wait for another post.

Even though I technically have less time to myself due to the full-time job, I feel like I’m doing a ton more than I had been before. I’ve been working on some personal projects surrounding my pet hobby of worldbuilding and conlanging, go to a local zendo slightly more than occasionally, and have a regular gaming group. Not only am I doing a lot of stuff, I’m doing it consistently. I have the emotional capital to spare, now that my energy isn’t being taken up on angsting about grades and papers.

The place where I put the most of my free time (outside of just chillaxing at home and arguing with the cat) is the Quatrefoil library. The Quatrefoil is a GLBT library in Minneapolis that is entirely volunteer run and maintained. I found out about them shortly after arriving in the Twin Cities, and since I’m not flexing my librarian muscles at work, I thought this was a great way to keep my cataloging fu sharp while also doing helpful work for the community. So every week I go in to do my small part in managing the flood of donated materials. Because the library is volunteer run, there is always more to do than there are people to do it, but now that I’m getting comfortable with the workflow I’m starting to eye some special projects that the “bosses” have said they would like to have done.

That’s life in a nutshell for the moment. The near futures is coming up with some fun stuff, some of which I’m really excited for.

In a few days I’m going to attempt a haircut. I say attempt because I am taking my ~2ft of hair to a German Festival, where I am told a salon will be putting up a booth to donate to Wigs for Kids. I’m not sure what the logistics will be, but if all goes well my butt-length mop will be cut down to a few inches.

The last week of June is the Twin Cities Antiquarian and Rare Book Fair (a mouthful). We’re exhibiting there, but I personally have been deputized by the organizer to help manage the thing. I haven’t build up that curmudgeonly patina that so many other dealers seem to end up with concerning fairs, so I’m looking forward to it, and hoping there is nothing there that strikes my fancy. My wallet can’t take it.

Then, next month I’ll be flying down to Virginia to attend the Rare Book School, specifically the course on bibliographical description. The pre-course readings alone have been more educational than a years worth of library school. Once the course is over I might say it was more valuable than the whole degree, and at 2% the cost.

After that, who knows. My hope is still one day to be working at an archives or special collections department, but my immediate concerns are more humble. With the amount of student debt I’m facing, a well paying job in another field is looking more and more attractive.

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